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Are You Making Website SEO Mistakes

If you haven’t updated your local SEO strategy to fit with 2017’s new regulations and markets, you’re going to miss out on major revenue.

Here, we’re showing you the top 5 worst Local SEO mistakes you need to stop making – today.

1. Setting Your Service Area Too Widely

You might think this is ranking you in more towns, but it’s not. Google may let you set the limits of your business, that’s true. However, all that indicates is how far you’re willing to travel to meet your customers.

It doesn’t do anything to help you rank in smaller towns outside your hyperlocal area.

Instead, focus on improving your SEO strategy to get those people to come to you.

2. Not Claiming Your Google My Business Page

Google My Business is responsible for close to 15% of all of your ranking factors.

If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business page, you’re missing out on what’s arguably the most effective way to rise in local rankings. It’s even more important than your actual website because your local results come from Google more than from direct hits to your site.

Plus, if you don’t claim your page, a competitor could – you don’t want that.

3. Wasting Time Updating Your Posts on Google Plus

You might think that staying active on Google Plus will help your website to rise in the local rankings – but really, you’re just losing valuable time and resources.

Unless people are searching for your business by its exact name, then it’s likely they’re never going to see what you’ve posted on Google Plus.

In fact, Google no longer even links to your Google Plus page in local results and packs.

So, it’s really time to stop spending hours on this each week. Focus on a great blog instead.

4. Leaving Outdated Location Info On Your Site

So, you expanded or moved to a bigger and better office. Congratulations. We hope you remembered to indicate a change or addition of an address on your website. Also, did you update it on your Google My Business page?

If not, that’s likely the reason why you’re not seeing your site showing up as high as you’d like in local and national results.

If you don’t keep your information consistent across all your websites and blogs, Google takes note of that, too. Always double check to make sure your site information is accurate.

5. Forgetting About Local Reviews

Sometimes, you can get so focused on getting reviews from big names in your industry that you forget about the importance of local reviews.

There’s nothing wrong with asking long-time customers and friends to leave you a good review. You can be sure, your competitors are already doing it.

Your reviews also influence your local ranking factor, so you can see your name earlier in results.

Update Your Local SEO For 2019

Now that you know the top 5 mistakes you have to stop making in 2019, you’re ready to dominate the rankings this year.

Avoid this errors, and you’ll see your business’s website soar to the top of the results.

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