Mobile Text Marketing

DairyQueen-SmallIt’s 2016 and it’s time to connect with your customers the way they connect with each other!

In today’s economic environment, businesses like yours are looking for cost-effective, proven ways to reach current and new customers, boost sales, and increase the bottom line. CP Communications provides cutting-edge mobile marketing solutions to help you do just that. With a powerful yet intuitive suite of services, you are able to reach more customers faster and fine-tune your mobile advertising to achieve the best results. We put THE POWER OF MOBILE in your hands.

Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the Mobile Marketing Revolution!

Instant Engagement: In today’s world, just about everyone is texting. Mobile Marketing gives you the power to put your message and your brand directly in the hands of your customer… wherever THEY are and when YOU want!

Response and Redemption: Consumers are no longer satisfied with simple advertising campaigns. They want interactive marketing systems that let them engage THEIR brand and they want it NOW. Mobile Marketing gives them what they want. Over 98% of text messages are read and most within just minutes! This quick response time drives high redemption rates on valuable offers!

It’s Easy: Through our simple and intuitive web-based platform, it literally takes just a couple minutes implement your campaign. Just a few simple clicks of the mouse, type your message and SEND! Don’t have even those few minutes? You can schedule campaigns ahead of time… or even send from your phone on the fly!

Return on Investment: Compared to the costs of other advertising media Mobile Marketing is a steal! With such allow cost and great redemption, it could easily be one of highest ROI tools in your marketing arsenal.

It’s Everywhere: It doesn’t matter where you look, Mobile Marketing is EVERYWHERE From movie theaters to Restaurants to sports arenas to commercials on TV. Instant coupons, VIP alerts, voting, entering sweepstakes, and donating to a worthwhile cause are all done through the Mobile Text Marketing program. The #1 form of consumer communication is quickly becoming the #1 form of marketing and brand engagement. If you haven’t already gone mobile… now is the time!

Mobile Vs. Email…

  • Higher read rate – Text is 95% Vs. marketing email Avg is 15%
  • Most of text messages are opened within 2 minutes. The average email is opened within 48 hours if opened
  • 98% of phones are text capable Vs. only 25% of our phones being smart phones and only have 40% subscribed to email on phones
  • Emails are judged by subject lines and skipped over vs a text that has top be opened

Here are some EXAMPLES ideas for how text marketing could help your business.

Irene has worked hard all day and is completely exhausted. The idea of getting home and having to start dinner is giving her a headache. As she’s going through her phone, she reads a text she received about your dinner specials of the week. Problem solved. Whether it’s dine-in, take-out, or delivery, you helped Irene relax. Let us make your text marketing save the day.

Whether it’s a date, a family event, or just a lunch break, people like to go out to eat. Draw them in and keep them coming back with text-message alerts for specials. Make them feel valued and appreciated by allowing instant feedback. Drive in sales during the usually slow times with instant discounts they receive right on their phone.

Here are the facts: You have the great service, amazing food, and unforgettable dining experience. Let CP Communication be your way of sharing the facts.

Text Marketing

  • Text to invite customers to participate in mobile surveys after they visit your restaurant and include a coupon for them to redeem at their next visit.
  • Create mobile trivia contests with prizes such as gift cards or bottles of your special sauce to keep your restaurant at the top of their mind.
  • Drive in business on slow days with instant sales such as all-you-care to eat this Tuesday or show this message for 15% off this afternoon or VIP happy hour specials.
  • Remind customers of your delivery or online ordering services with special offers they can redeem online.
  • Invite them to bring friends by sending an exclusive offer to your mobile VIP list such as “bring 2 friends for lunch and you eat for free”
  • Send special birthday messages and encourage them to reserve a birthday table.
  • Send reservation reminders and allow them to change reservations on the go.

Karen comes in needing an immediate appointment today, if at all possible. At first, you have to apologize because you’re busy and she reluctantly agrees to an appointment tomorrow. Then, half an hour later, an appointment you had cancels. You send an instant alert to Karen; she comes in, and thanks you for saving the day. You did it, with CP Communications at your side.

It is easy to get so busy with appointments, client questions, cancellations, etc. The more clients you have, the busier you are. CP Communications can be your greatest marketing tool for you to access your customers and for them to respond to you. Send appointment reminders by text, knowing they will be seen. Inform clients of new openings as they happen. You can use SMS to inform clients about specials, sales, and new products.

Whether you provide manicures, pedicures, hairstyling, or any other service, let us serve you by providing the helpful tools you need to grow business.

Appointment Reminder

  • Schedule a reminder to go out to your clients so they don’t forget their appointment.

Cancellation Filler

  • Fill in your cancellations by sending out an alert to everyone that you have an opening.

Mobile Coupons

  • New Products alerts. Send out an alert letting everyone know to come in and buy!
  • Send out specials or advertise new services to all your clients and get more bookings.

Inventory Specials

  • Send a message to clear out overstocked products

It’s 4:30pm on the day of Jack’s son’s birthday, when Jack remembers that he did not pick up a present. He needs to be home in an hour and doesn’t know what to get or where to shop. Luckily, he got a text from your company that day, informing him of a sale you have going on. Jack remembers shopping at your store and is reminded of what great products you offer and the superior customer service he receives. He texts back with an order, comes in and picks it up. He arrives home to a happy wife and an excited child. This is just one example of the potential of text messaging.

In an ever-changing economy, customer loyalty is an essential key to consistent growth. Customer loyalty is best maintained when you have the ability to keep your brand in the forefront of your customers’ minds. We can do that for you. Inform customers of upcoming sales or clearances to enhance brand awareness. Send customers coupons to ensure they will keep coming, even during a down economy. Allow customers to instantly and conveniently order products via text message.

Text messaging allows you to build a relationship with your customers that will not only keep returning customers, but attract more. The bottom line is that mobile marketing is a proven tool and is predicted to increase more than online marketing. Take the opportunity to get one step ahead in your industry with mobile text marketing.

  • Use instant coupons to drive customers back in during slow times.
  • Send alerts for sales, in-store events, inventory clearances, etc.
  • Keep your brand at the top of your customer’s minds with friendly reminders.
  • Drive customers to your website with effective and efficient hyperlinks.
  • Increase convenience by implementing mobile ordering directly from their phone.
  • Leverage other forms of marketing & track marketing campaigns.
  • Create top of the mind brand awareness and increase customer loyalty with informative text campaigns to complement your advertising.

Tim’s car is reaching 5000 miles since his last oil change. He know he needs it done, but he wants the best service with the lowest price. Thankfully, last time he got his oil change with you, he signed up for SMS alerts from your company and today he received an oil change coupon. Now he knows where he is going. Text messaging pointed him in the right direction… right to your business.

In a fast-moving society, reliable service is priceless. While you provide that service for your customers, text can provide you with the extra marketing to bring your customers to your door every time. With our platform it is quick and easy to send alerts for oil change reminders, recall notices, service offers, and specials. Remind customers of upcoming appointments and scheduled maintenance. Quickly inform customers when service is finished and their vehicle is ready for pick up.

Businesses in any industry are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency. Let our text messaging be your marketing tool to help you reach your maximum potential.

  • Easily build a database with instant offers or contests (FREE OIL CHANGE)
  • Send alerts for maintenance reminders, recall notices, service offers, and specials
  • Send appointment reminders and allow for reschedules or cancellations by SMS
  • Advertise this week’s specials or sales to drive in additional customers
  • Send seasonal specials like wiper blade sales in winter
  • Send notifications when their car is ready for pick up
  • Use text to follow up on recommendations the customer declined to boost your service sales

A group of college students are trying to figure out where to hang out tonight. There are so many places to go, how can they choose. Then one of them gets a text from you because he went to your club before and he loved it so much he signed up for your mobile events alerts. He sees from the text that you have a band coming in tonight to play live music. He doesn’t even have to convince the group, they are in. Textmunication just helped you make their night utilizing SMS marketing!

Mobile marketing with text messaging is a way for you to promote your events and specials to your audience. Whether you want an exclusive audience to get your updates or anyone who might be curious, you can provide instant access to any announcements you want to publicize. Use SMS to have contests or polls your customers can interact with to win discounted rates. Encourage people to sign up for bottle service or VIP access through text marketing. Enhance the VIP experience with exclusive updates and offers.

CP Communications can help you increase your bottom line in a proven, effective, and innovative way.

  • Announce upcoming parties and events / Pre-sale VIP access service.
  • Send out instant offers to drive customers in with mobile offers.
  • Build a list of VIP clients that WANT to hear from you.
  • Create polls and get instant feedback from your patrons.
  • Customer engagement through contests & alerts.
  • Build brand awareness and create customer loyalty.


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