Website Marketing


Professional Website Design and Development Services

Professional Website Design and Development Services. We are a full service website services company. Our website development services include but are not limited to responsive web design, programming, administration maintenance and marketing.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) All small business owners want to grow their businesses and become more successful. The best way is to attract new customers. However, without the advertising budget of a large multi-national corporation, finding these...

Website Developer Services

I NEED A WEBSITE? I NEED A NEW WEBSITE DESIGN? I NEED SOMEONE TO MANAGE MY WEBSITE I NEED A RESPONSIVE WEBSITE These are some of the many phone calls website development companies get from businesses needing online presence. If you’re a business...

Search Engine Optimization Service

The goal of CP Communications search engine optimization service is to drive your website focused, qualified traffic that converts into sales for your company. The SEO portion is to optimize and make the website ready for search engines. It is the process...

Website Administration and Management Services

Owning and maintaining a website is not trivial and keeping it up to date requires someone with time and development skills. If like the majority of World businesses you are a small or medium sized company you cannot afford to hire a webmaster or to have...

Hacked PCs falsify billions of ad clicks

By Tim Bradshaw and Emily Steel, (Financial Times) — Online investigators have exposed a network of hijacked computers that defrauded advertisers by generating billions of fake ad views. The so-called botnet scheme, which hijacked 120,000...