WordPress Website Security

WordPress Security and Management

Wordpress Website SupportIf you have a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress website you should know that WordPress Website Security is something that we take very seriously, and so should every business, blogger and website owner who is using WordPress.
Security is something that we should all consider very important for businesses, bloggers and website owners who use WordPress as their content management system.

Having your WordPress website or any website hacked with viruses and or malware can cause the loss of business and the blacklisting from search engines. Many reasons are that clients too often don’t bother to keep the websites up to date. We can take care of the details that will let you relax and be assured that all will be taken care of.

We offer improved malware scanning and scan your website for known malware, blacklist status, website errors and out-of-date software. CP Communications maintenance packages can keep your WordPress website updated  as well as manage the security of your website.

UPDATES: WordPress usually rolls out major updates throughout the year, though minor updates roll out as needed. Most WordPress websites also require updates for the themes and plugins which in most cases are much less predictable.

BACKUPS: Websites should have a backup as a site with lots of content updates might want a database backup weekly at a minimum and a full backup weekly or monthly. Sites with fewer updates might not need such frequent backups, but they should still have regularly scheduled, full-site backups that are stored off-site.

SECURITY: Monitoring security and ensuring full recovery is a big task that we will take care of.

  • Real-time Website Firewall Protection
  • Brute Force Attacks Protection
  • Blocking of Countries Attempting to Log in and Hacking the Website
  • Blocking on IP Address Ranges
  • Malware Scanning, Bad URL’s, Backdoor and DNS Changes
  • Repair of Corrupted Files
  • Real-Time Threat Defence Feed
  • IP reputation monitoring

TRACKING AND REPORTING: We will install website stats and offer a simple report that summarizes numbers and includes a few trends or other basics (sales numbers, increases in email or social media subscribers) could be very helpful.

RELATED SERVICES: We offer set amounts of technical tweaks per month which can be used for coding, design, SEO improvements or even training or support.

BLACKLIST MONITORING? Monitoring security and ensuring full recovery is a big task and we will take care of.

Act now and secure your WordPress website by calling (951) 694-4830 or ( 800) 796-3683 or use our contact form.