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Digital Business Cards

Compliment your current website with this great new business card

Digital Business Card – Green Free – Combines all the elements that a business needs on social media in one product: A digital business card, a mini-site, and a landing page. – Compatible with mobile devices, desktops, and tablets. – Unlimited sharing. – Unlimited changes and alterations. – Unique design. – Boosts sales. – Organic marketing. Regular Website – Green Free – Cumbersome for your clients. – Too much content. – Not compatible with all devices. – Costs a ton of money. Paper Business Card – Pollutes the environment. – Customers lose it. – Outdated for the era of social media. – Doesn’t boost sales.

Why a digital business card? A complementary product for every business. A unique design for prestigious branding. Increases exposure to Facebook and Instagram. All of your contact details are conveniently accessible in one place. Quick navigation to your business with the press of a button. Quickly share your card with new customers. It won’t get lost – it always remains with your customer. User experience on another level for your customers. An app for quick and easy distribution of your card.

This will get you more clients and more business transactions (15-30% increase in your annual revenue) Organic marketing via Social media network and google SEO Customers get a taste of your business before committing to buy anything Quick access buttons (social media, image gallery, email, etc.) Navigation button to your business address Compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile phone Lead generation system just like a landing page! Share your recommendations with potential clients

Digital Business Card

"This Digital business card is a Mini-website, it's a URL link: www.Card.com/Your-Business-name Think of it as your own website that gathers all your business info"

Say Goodbye to Germy Paper Business Card. No Handshakes, No Germs, just share your Digital Business Card link!

  • We design a state-of-the-art digital business card
  • Unlimited changes & enhancements
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android,
  • Desktop and tablets
  • Share it via SMS, email, WhatsApp and more
  • Share your digital business card to anybody!
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