Website Hacked?

Website Hacked?

Many websites have been hacked this week by some jerks in Russia with nothing better to do than ruin peoples websites. The hack includes a link to a video page and as you can see by the link below over (was 18,400 43,000) 76,000 website have been hacked by them. There is that horrible 404 error on the pages as well.

Many of the sites were using WordPress which is a great content management system and I have to assume that they were not updated on a regular basis. This includes updating WordPress and all the plugins. Deleting all unused plugins is also recommended.

We had a few of our own clients hit with this hack and it involved so many sections of the website that is took many hours to fix it. Once done we added an extra set of security to the websites to avoid this happening in the future.

If you have a website that was hacked contact CP Communications  and we will get it fixed for you.