Protect Your Website Domain Name

The Launch of the New .XXX Registry Has Companies Thinking About Brand Protection.

You acquired the perfect domain name. You launched a great website. You’ve built your customer base. Life is good.

There’s just one problem: someone else may be profiting from your hard work. With the launch of the .xxx registry many businesses have moved to secure this version of their brand name in order to avoid any possible brand taint from cybersquatting and or creating a  adult site that might not fit into your plans .

But there are lots of extensions (“tld’s”) out there. Do you own the .net, .org or other versions of your domain? If your domain is singular, do you own the plural versions? You should!

In addition to protecting your brand, acquiring alternate versions of your domain and setting 301 redirects (which point those domains to your main site) can solidify your position in the search engines.

Whether you want to promote your adult entertainment website or protect your brand from being registered as a .XXX, pre-registration helps you stay in control of your online reputation. Choose the phase that’s right for you and we’ll submit your application as soon as it starts, so you’ll have the best possible chance of securing your domain.

Take a quick moment to do an assessment of your web presence today: you may spot a new opportunity.