Monstroid WordPress Templates


We have used hundreds of templates through the years and wanted to share our experience with the new TemplateMonster Monstroid.

We have been using TemplateMonster for some of our clients as it helps them in the development process of liking a design look that of course we redesign. Much easier than going back and forth with various designs and in the end the client can edit their own website as the foundation is WordPress.

If you are a website designer, blogger, business owner, photographer who is looking for a an alternative to a custom design then this is the way to go as there are thousands to choose from.

I read about the upcoming of TemplateMonster’s Monstroid and wanted to give it a test ride before using it for my clients as it is built by TemplateMonster themselves. The initial install with all the demo content was a breeze and much faster than any other install we have tried so it was a good start. The templates are responsive to mobile devices and includes good parallax effects to make websites more dynamic versus static.

Monstroid had all the plugins and sections set up perfectly in the WordPress dashboard and have been and will continue working to get to know all aspects of this new template. When it was installed there was a choice of 5 child themes and about 23 premium extensions included in the install. Monsteroid comes with everything you would need for a website including a shopping cart and other options that are integrated into the theme. The cool part is once you purchase the Monsteroid you automatically can have access to many templates of various topics.

Because of this you can experiment with the design of your website, blog or eCommerce site as much as you wish, changing themes daily. All of the child themes are stored on the cloud, so you do not have to download anything to your PC. Just select the theme and install it. Nothing could be easier.

With Monstroid, you can play with different skin styles and encourage your visitors to do the same on your site. This has been made possible with Style Skin Switcher. It’s a unique plugin developed specifically for Monstroid. With a single click of your mouse you can change the layout style to dark, flat or minimal. These three styles are available at the launch, but developers will add 5 more styles to the gallery in order to provide you and your site visitors with broader opportunities.

Support and updates for the Monstroid includes free lifetime support. Monstroid-based sites will have no match in the cyberspace.

The company has gained the respect of clients because of their great and unique designs and most of all they offer around the clock support and the support we get from them is top notch. If you are in the market for a great website solution TemplateMonster is a great start and Monstroid should be great solution.  em is top notch. If you are in the market for a great website solution TemplateMonster is a great start and Monstroid should be great solution.

Go get Monstroid