Mobile Text Marketing Services

It’s time to connect with your customers the way they connect with each other!

In today’s economic environment, businesses like yours are looking for cost-effective, proven ways to reach current and new customers, boost sales, and increase the bottom line. CP Communications provides cutting-edge mobile marketing solutions to help you do just that. With a powerful yet intuitive suite of services, you are able to reach more customers faster and fine-tune your mobile advertising to achieve the best results. We put THE POWER OF MOBILE in your hands.

7 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the Mobile Marketing Revolution!

Instant Engagement: In today’s world, just about everyone is texting. Mobile Marketing gives you the power to put your message and your brand directly in the hands of your customer… wherever THEY are and when YOU want!

Response and Redemption: Consumers are no longer satisfied with simple advertising campaigns. They want interactive marketing systems that let them engage THEIR brand and they want it NOW. Mobile Marketing gives them what they want. Over 98% of text messages are read and most within just minutes! This quick response time drives high redemption rates on valuable offers!

Versatility: Mobile Marketing can be used for almost any type of business. From restaurants & nightclubs to professional offices, retail, and real estate… even high schools and colleges are using it! Mobile Marketing is the most effective means of instant communication and advertising for any business small or large!

Adaptability: You now have the ability to create and implement a marketing campaign within MINUTES! You can literally drive consumer behavior at the point of sale, during your slow times, and on the fly as soon as a GREAT IDEA crosses your mind!

It’s Easy: Through our simple and intuitive web-based platform, it literally takes just a couple minutes implement your campaign. Just a few simple clicks of the mouse, type your message and SEND! Don’t have even those few minutes? You can schedule campaigns ahead of time… or even send from your phone on the fly!

Return on Investment: Compared to the costs of other advertising media Mobile Marketing is a steal! With such allow cost and great redemption, it could easily be one of highest ROI tools in your marketing arsenal.

It’s Everywhere: It doesn’t matter where you look, Mobile Marketing is EVERYWHERE From movie theaters to Restaurants to sports arenas to commercials on TV. Instant coupons, VIP alerts, voting, entering sweepstakes, and donating to a worthwhile cause are all done through the Mobile Text Marketing program. The #1 form of consumer communication is quickly becoming the #1 form of marketing and brand engagement. If you haven’t already gone mobile… now is the time!

Ways to market the program…

  • Email invite
  • Face book & Twitter postings
  • Piggyback any current or upcoming marketing campaigns such as; direct mail, TV, radio, print, online, etc… As mobile can be applied to any media to generate leads,
    engage the audience and most importantly measure the media by how many numbers were captured
  • Internal marketing at Bob Evans locations with table tents, VIP capture card, roll up banners, and POP displays
  • Email invite to encourage people to opt in. This will allow you to see who prefers email or Text
  • Post on social media accounts such as Facebook & Twitter
  • Piggyback any current external marketing such as; radio, print, TV, direct mail, etc…. To enhance, drive leads, and most importantly measure. EXAMPLE: (radio ad) On the radio ad you could add Text the “example” to 87365 to WIN free tickets. This will allow you to measure the effectiveness of radio and your investment there
  • Internal marketing such as; VIP cards, table tops, posters, Rollup banners, banner, POP stands, etc….
  • Website – you can add in addition to email club a text club right next to it

Campaign idea’s to send…

  • Coupons & specials
  • Menu updates and new product announcements
  • Event info
  • Votes/Surveys on customer service, favorite products, & offers
  • Action alerts
  • Encourage new and existing customers to join an exclusive mobile VIP club for perks, exclusive offers & invites, birthday alerts
  • Can do a contest for FREE tickets to drive numbers. Example: Text “example” to 87365 for a chance to WIN tickets

Mobile Vs. Email…

  • Higher read rate – Text is 95% Vs. marketing email Avg is 15%
  • Most of text messages are opened within 2 minutes. The average email is opened within 48 hours if opened
  • 98% of phones are text capable Vs. only 25% of our phones being smart phones and only have 40% subscribed to email on phones
  • Emails are judged by subject lines and skipped over vs a text that has top be opened

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