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Merchant Accounts & GatewaysCP Communications and Capital Merchant Solutions Inc has been helping business owners obtain credit card processing merchant accounts for over 10 years. We offer discounted credit card processing rates for all new and existing business owners.

Increase your sales instantly…. Research has proven that accepting credit cards can both increase your average ticket amount, and increase your overall sales by as much as 200%!. Could your business use a 200% sales increase? You bet it could.

Capital Merchant Solutions offers unbelievable pricing for nearly all business types…. whether you own a large retail chain, a small (or large) “mom & pop” home based business, or even an internet startup! Our rates are guaranteed to save you money on your payment processing needs. In addition to our great rates, we have just launched our Free POS Terminal and Free Wireless programs.

Setting up your internet merchant account has never been so easy. We would like to offer your business a FREE payment gateway account. There’s no need to buy, we’ll give you for free, as long as you also set up your internet credit card merchant account through us. The best part is that we offer possibly the very lowest merchant account processing rates in the bankcard industry!

Capital Merchant Solutions, Inc. is one of’s largest resellers. In the last 13 years, we have helped tens of thousands of merchants with their payment processing needs. With our merchant account volume, we were able to negotiate great pricing for our gateway accounts, as well as wholesale rates for merchant account processing. We are happy to pass the savings on to you! In fact, it is highly unlikely that you will find lower published rates for an account and an internet merchant account anywhere on the internet!

To take advantage of the FREE gateway setup, you will need to process your credit card transactions through our “Free Setup” eCommerce merchant account. We offer some of the very lowest processing rates in the bankcard industry! Even if you are currently paying less than our advertised low rates, please contact us immediately. We will do everything possible to make your rate even lower!

The payment gateway is definitely our most popular product, but if you’re looking for an internet processing option other than, you are in luck. We offer several other internet payment gateways, including: Verisign Payflow Pro, and Yahoo Store merchant account processing. One of the best all inclusive internet payment gateways available today is DowCommerce.

Capital Merchant Solutions also has a complete line of credit card processing services available to traditional “brick and mortar” type businesses. We offer retail merchant accounts for business owners in the following industries: retail stores, restaurants, health care, repair shops, service industry, mobile merchants, and most other retail businesses.

To compete in the world of eCommerce, businesses need to process transactions quickly and securely. has been a leading internet payment gateway provider since 1996. Today, is the preferred internet payment gateway for well over 100,000 business owners. understands the evolving need of eCommerce merchants. The gateway is designed to help you grow your online business.

Here are some of the features:

  • Process transactions from any internet connection!
  • Very easy to processing solutions to learn
  • Access all of your transactions, and reports from any computer with an internet connection
  • Perform manual transactions with your Virtual Terminal (included)
  • Daily settlement reports automatically emailed to you
  • Easy integration with your website!
  • Free tech support: toll-free phone or email support

Call us at (800) 796-3683 or (951) 694-4830


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