Is Your Google Listing and SEO Working?

Well there are a few billion websites in the world but how many do you know of? You probably a few hundred or so… If you ask around you will find that most people are not aware of more than a few hundred websites and many of them would be common. What is it that makes these websites as popular as they are?

Some of them have earned their names over the years and some of them are highly ranked on top search engines like Google. Since more than 90% people use Google for web searches it is obvious that websites with a high ranking on Google are going to be among the most well known websites. This is why SEO is so important for your website. But how does it work? Let experts like CP Communications tell you how.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about using natural and unpaid methods to get a website ranked high on Google. There are many elements to SEO that experts work with. You will also find a lot many self help tools on how to get your website get ranked high with Google but frankly speaking you will not have the time or the resources to work on your website. Outsourcing to an expert is a common sense thing to do and this is why companies look for website SEO professionals.

How does SEO work for you? When given the SEO job for your website they start off with their analysis. They pick up the keywords for your website and check their rank on Google search. They analyze the placement of keywords in your website and look to improve on the placement. They look at the content of your website and see if it can be improved. They see how you have been marketing your website and whether there is any scope of improvement in that or not. After all the analysis is done they come up with their blueprint and get started after you give them the go ahead.

Google uses algorithms to search for websites and web pages. And the algorithms keep on changing all the time. What Google looks for is relevance and reliability. Every website listed on Google gets a page rank. For example, if your keywords are relevant to your website content you get a good rank with Google. If your website has incoming links coming in from other relevant and reliable websites then you get a good rank with Google. And the higher the rank of your website the better is its visibility for the relevant keyword searches.

Most people don’t go beyond the first two or three pages when they search in Google. The objective of SEO is to ensure that your website is listed in these first two or three pages. Thanks to expertise of service providers it is not an impossible task. And with continuous analysis and improvement the rank is only going to get better.