Google Has Gone ‘Dark’ – No more keyword data

google-keywordsWhat is Google doing?

Normally you could go into your analytics and learn exactly which keywords people used to come into your site. You could tell which keywords had the best conversions.

Not anymore.

Google is now encrypting all organic searches. They will no longer show you which keywords your visitors used to find your website.

Can you show me what it looks like in my analytics?

Absolutely! Go to the bottom of this post and I show you how to find the encrypted search in Google and Yahoo Analytics.

So all my keyword data from Google is gone?

Google will still provide keywords to those who pay but, you only get to see the data from traffic you paid for. You still won’t see your organic search traffic.

Is there another way of finding which keywords people used to find my site?

Here is the analytics info! In Google Analytics, click keywords under acquisition

You will see the number 1 spot is (not provided) for almost 90%.

Now let’s check Yahoo Analytics. First change the reporting period to the month of October and click apply.
Under Marketing go to Search Engines & Referrers,  Organic Search Phrases / Keywords, and click apply.

We see our top 10 keywords and out of 505 First Time Visits, Google encrypted 494 of them.