Can’t Find the Right Search Engine Keywords?

One week, everyone is all abuzz with excitement over a blockbuster movie. Another week goes by and suddenly going green is the most popular topic again. How is any webmaster supposed to keep up with changing Internet trends? It’s a common quandary, but in this article we’ll show you how to keep up with trends without totally remaking your web site every month.
You want to have a popular site and you want to use all the hottest keywords to pull in tons of traffic. Does that mean you have to change your site constantly just to keep up? Can’t find the right keywords to use on your pages?
The Power of the Search Engines
The search engines are the all-powerful vehicles of the Internet. Lord-like, they direct a constant ebb and flow of traffic, selecting some lucky sites to receive visitors while other equally hard-working sites must linger at the bottom of results pages. Like it or not, you’re subject to the whims of the major search engines out there — or at least, your site is. You’re biggest concern is learning how to harness the power of search engines for your own use.
The Internet is tricky and hard to navigate, bursting at the invisible seams with information. There’s little you can’t find online, and now your main desire is that others find your site when they’re searching. Search engines sort out the jumble of the Internet, scouring sites for the words you type into search strings. These engines then rank these pages for relevancy. If you type in movies and green living, for example, the search engine will find the site where the words appear with the most frequency. This site will then appear at the very top of your search results.
At the top is where you want your site to appear, as well. That’s the power of the search engines; through page rankings, they control where the traffic goes. You know how you search, and you rarely make it past the first two or three pages of search results. If your site is perpetually buried on page ten, you probably aren’t getting a whole lot of traffic. Want to move up? You have to find the right keywords.
Popular Keywords
Create any site, and it’s likely you’ll have some keywords no matter what you do. But if you really want to drive large amounts of traffic, you want to incorporate popular keywords on your pages. So…what’s popular?
The world is a changeable place that’s filled with fads. All popularity and stardom is fleeting. Two years ago, Paris Hilton’s every move was a huge story. These days, her name is hardly mentioned once a week in the papers. If you have a site dedicated to the heiress, you may notice a decline in your levels of traffic. Fads don’t last; that’s why they’re fads. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should ignore fad-associated keywords in their entirety. Quick bursts of traffic are nothing to be angry with.
If you want lasting success, however, you don’t want to create an entire site based off a popular trend or even a popular star. Even the hottest stars can begin to fade, and before you know it you’re creating a new site for a new star. Some popular keywords shoot to the top for a few weeks and then fall slowly back down, taking your site along with them. Other keywords appear fairly consistently on popular keyword lists.
The trick to maintaining a successfully high-traffic site is in blending the fad words, the keywords built around popular trends and stories which become all the rage for a few days or weeks at a time, with the words that seem to be always on people’s minds and in searches. Find the words, know what they are, and learn to tell the difference between the two types of keywords. When you find the right keywords, you’ll notice that a lot more traffic manages to find your site.
How do you find the right keywords? It all begins with popular keyword lists.
It’s impossible to know, at any given time, what the popular keywords of the day are. That’s why you have to keep track of them on a regular basis. Can’t find the right keywords? You have to know where to look: keyword lists.
Most major search engines don’t just use keywords to compile data; they keep track of the words as well. Follow these keyword lists for a few weeks, and you’ll start to get a sense of the solid words which are consistently on the lists and which words are fleeting fads subject only to the whims of popularity. Make note of the keywords you see on the lists all the time, and you’ll have a good idea of which words you want to highlight on your pages.

Lycos 50

Lycos offers a weekly list of the fifty most popular keywords on their search engine. This extensive list doesn’t just display the word, but also offers information on how long the keyword phrase has been in the top 50 list and whether it has moved up or down the list from the preceding week.

Most Popular Keywords

This site gives you a list of the ten most popular words on the Internet that’s updated once a week. Most Popular Keywords even goes a step beyond by providing a search tool so you can check the exact ranking of any keyword that might spring to mind.

Google Trends

This daily list gives you a look at the most popular keywords being searched by Google users. Since this is the most popular search engine, Google Trends is highly useful.

Word Tracker

Word Tracker is a paid service (a free trial is available on site) which helps you optimize your pages to achieve high rankings. This site actually does the work for you so you can save a little time. If you want a high traffic site without all the keyword work, a paid service like Word Tracker could be the best solution.